A New Learn Promethean Experience Awaits

For over 20 years Promethean has been dedicated to supporting our users in making the most of their Ed Tech investment. To help our users even more, the Promethean team are working on a new and improved Learn Promethean experience, debuting in early August 2020. The new site will incorporate great new features and functionality to improve your understanding and adoption of Promethean technology in the classroom.

Important information for existing users – From June 8th 2020 no new courses will be saved in your account. Progress with existing courses will be saved at the point they were up to on June 8th 2020 and will be migrated across to the new platform. This is only a temporary measure until you can log back in to your account on the new Learn Promethean site.


Q) Can new users register for the existing Promethean Academy?

Whilst we are in this migration period there is no registration for new users. Anyone interested in creating an account will need to do so once the new Learn Promethean site is live and running, early August 2020.

Q) As an existing user, can I still access my account in Promethean Academy?

Yes. You can still access your account, view your courses and continue to take courses. However, as of from June 8th 2020 

Q) Can I still use the site from June 8th 2020?

Yes, the site will still be available to use and will only be switched over once the new Learn Promethean site is live in early August 2020.

Q) Will there be a new website URL for the Learn Promethean site?

Yes, there will be a new URL for the site. The existing Promethean Academy site will redirect to the landing page where users will be able to choose an appropriate language site.

Q) How will I know which language site to go to?

Please choose the site that corresponds to the ‘country’ you selected when you first registered for the Promethean Academy.

Q) If I’m an existing user of the Promethean Academy will I need to change my username or password on the new Learn Promethean site?

Existing users will not need to change their username. However, once they access the new Learn Promethean site, they will be asked to change their password.

Q) How do I access my current badges and certificates? 

Users can still access their current badges and certificates by logging into the site. Badges and certificates earned after the 8th will not be recorded, therefore we encourage all users to make a copy/download any badges and certificates. 

Q) Will I need to retake the Promethean Certified Teacher course? 

Your badge and certificate are valid till the end of 2020.