Certified Installer Programme – ANZ

Welcome to the Promethean Certified Installer Programme. The purpose of this training programme is to provide you with the skills and resources required to successfully install and configure the new ActivPanel Elements Series.

Course Duration

1 Hour

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14 Lessons

Promethean’s Certified Installer Programme for Partners includes lessons containing video content which will outline each of the install processes. You’ll be provided with support materials in the form of a workbook and online resources to refer back to whenever you need.

Work through each lesson making notes as you progress through the course. Make as many notes as you feel necessary as these will help you with the practical session and test which will be provided to you over the upcoming weeks. To gain certification status you must attain a pass mark of 75% or more in the final test sent to you after all components of this course are successfully completed. You’ll have two attempts at this test.

Here’s a quick video which demonstrates the key features of the ActivPanel Elements Series for you to get a feel for what the end user should expect from their new product.

Course Materials