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BETT 2020 Race to the Line

Explore forces and motion, Newton’s laws of motion, 3D design and aerodynamics as teams design the fastest possible rocket car. The session will explore the use of simulators, 3D design software and printers and culminate with a timed rocket car race across the show stand!

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This year, Promethean celebrated 21 years of exhibiting at the world-renowned education technology show, BETT (British Educational Training & Technology), with its biggest and most exciting presence to date.

Promethean welcomed attendees to experience the ActivPanel Elements Series and learn more about our educational partnerships that have been forged to support the wider integration of technology into the curriculum. Promethean welcomed The Learning Partnership to the classroom area which attracted children from many schools around the world.

Mark Robinson, Head of Content and Curriculum at The Learning Partnership, has expertise in the education technology sector and in large scale ministry of education-level research projects – looking into STEAM education, teacher development and the role of technology in assessment and learning.

In his current role, Mark designs and delivers international STEAM competitions, spanning aerospace, automotive, construction and engineering challenges, that promote student engagement and increase interest in STEAM subjects within schools.

Race to the Line was a huge hit at the show and we’re proud to offer you the chance to learn more about what the session entails.