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Course Description

Learn the foundational tools of the Promethean classroom and how to integrate these tools into your daily instruction to maximize content connections and student engagement. Showcase your proficiency by taking the exam and earning your Promethean Certified Teacher badge. You can display your badge on Social Media, portfolios, websites and more.

Course Objectives

  • Identify engagement techniques utilizing the tools of the Promethean Classroom Solution

  • Identify activities that can be incorporated into your daily classroom processes

  • Adapt resources to increase student connections

    Course Duration

    2 hours

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    7 Lessons

    Welcome! This course will help you to use Promethean within your instructional space. In order to prepare you for this course and learn the navigation of your ActivPanel, we recommend you begin by taking the ActivPanel Titanium Orientation, ActivPanel Nickel Orientation, or ActivPanel V6 & OPS-G Orientation course.

    There will be a quiz at the end of this course to assess your knowledge. You will need to receive a score of 100% in order to officially be deemed complete.

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