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  • lee_grayson posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago
  • @courtney-salazar
    How does a teacher earn the Guru badge? I am watching the videos on Learn Promethean, but there are no quizzes or certificates like there are here. My professional growth goal this year was to become a Promethean Guru to help my school with our new boards. I feel like I’m getting the training I need by taking courses and watching…[Read more]

    • Hi, Lee, thank you for reaching out. In order to receive the Guru badge, one typically has to participate in a Face-to-Face Promethean Professional Development. Please feel free to use the certificates from these Promethean Academy courses as a means of demonstrating time/competency to your school/district. Just as a head’s up, we are launching a…[Read more]

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