Centre Console & Remote Control

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You’ll notice that there are other buttons on the control panel on the front of your display, this is called the Centre Console. It contains several buttons you will frequently use to interact with your panel. You’ll also find these buttons on the new Unified Menu so that you can still access them no matter which device you may have plugged into your display, like a PC or laptop… we’ll learn more about this later on in the course.

The centre console sits at a comfortable 30-degree angle at the bottom of your ActivPanel so that it’s easy to see, and comfortable to use.


You will also have access to most of these buttons on your remote control including an additional button called ‘Blank Screen’. One scenario you will find useful for blank screen is the time you wish to prepare an activity on the display, but only reveal it once your students have entered the classroom and you are ready to begin, press the blank screen button on the remote control to reveal or hide your content at any time.