Connecting your computer to the ActivPanel

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To connect your laptop or computer to your ActivPanel you will need 1 HDMI and 1 USB Touch cable.

There are HDMI and USB connection ports located both at the front and back of the ActivPanel. Make sure both cables are properly inserted into their corresponding ports.

The HDMI cable carries image and sound from your computer to display on the ActivPanel, the USB Touch cable provides touch functionality.

Please note when connecting your computer in this way the ports must correspond to one another.

On the back of your ActivPanel Elements Series there is also a ‘Display Port’.

If your computer does not have an HDMI port, you will need to connect via VGA. To do this you will need VGA cable, USB cable and Audio cable.


Now that your computer or laptop is connected, simply press the ‘Source’ button on the Centre Console and then tap the ‘HDMI’ option which will appear on the screen. You will continue to have the full use of the features built into the ActivPanel, over the top of any connected device. This means you can display content from your Laptop/PC, i.e a Website, PowerPoint etc, and use some of the tools available in the Unified Menu over top of it. For example, annotate over it, take a screenshot to build a discussion round in the Promethean Whiteboard app or even bring up the Spinner Tool to use with the content being displayed.