Freeze screen, Touch Off and Blank Screen

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We have added several teacher controls for your ActivPanel display. Freeze Screen, Touch Off and Blank Screen are options that can be very handy in the classroom. Here’s some reasons why…

In summary:

Blank Screen – The Blank Screen option is found on your ActivPanel remote control. Pressing this will temporarily ‘blank’ out whatever you have displayed on your ActivPanel. Pressing the button again will bring the display back.

Freeze Screen – This option will freeze the image on the ActivPanel but not on your computer. This means you can leave information on your ActivPanel for your students to use whilst you look at something else on your computer. But, be aware when you unfreeze, whatever you have opened on your computer will now display. Touch inputs from the ActivPanel will still be passed back to the computer, but will not show on the ActivPanel until the user unfreezes the image. You can activate this using the button on either the control panel or on the remote control. 

Touch Off – The Touch Off button disables the touch layer of the ActivPanel completely, but does not freeze the image. Therefore, navigation on the computer will be displayed on the ActivPanel but there’s no interaction from the ActivPanel side until Touch Off is disabled.

The touch off message will only remain temporarily on the screen so remember, if you turn touch off, make sure to turn it back on.

If you wish both freeze the image AND stop the touch from working, you will need to Freeze Screen and turn Touch Off.