Importing a PowerPoint

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Please note: Importing PowerPoints is only available for Windows users. For Mac users, a possible solution is to print your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF, then import it into ActivInspire as a PDF.

To import a PowerPoint, go to File, then Import. Choose from two options.

Powerpoint as Images means each slide of your PowerPoint imports as one static image that fills a whole flipchart page.

Powerpoint as Objects means items in your PowerPoint presentation become individual objects on each page of the flipchart, so you may edit and manipulate them.

You will be prompted to find your file. Then select Open. Depending on the size of your PowerPoint, it may take a moment to import.

The imported PowerPoint opens in a new flipchart file.

Please note: ActivInspire does not yet support Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or later. If this version is installed on your computer, you may encounter an error message when you try to import a PowerPoint file.

As a workaround, try removing any spaces or special characters from the file name and path. You may also find it helpful to save the file on your Desktop in the 97-2003 PowerPoint version.