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Access all of your setting options from the Locker. Tap the gear icon on the left to view Settings.

Select Large Mode to increase the size of the Unified Menu for better visibility.

Also within this menu, you can enable or disable features such as whether or not your Whiteboard App identifies ‘Palm Erase’ which is a feature designed to make it easier to erase annotations you’ve made on the whiteboard.

With the eraser, with the reverse side of the pen or, with your palm:

Tap ‘More Settings’ to access more advanced configurations such as internet connectivity, changing the background image of the panel and changing the language.

Turning Palm Reject on allows you to place your palm on your ActivPanel without activating the eraser. The eraser tool can then be activated by the physical eraser. To turn Palm Reject on, select the Unified Menu, then tap Locker. Choose the Settings icon. Toggle to turn Palm Reject on.