Staying up to date with your ActivPanel

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Your ActivPanel benefits from updates when they’re required. This means that when new versions of ActivPanel software is released by Promethean, you can easily update your device to make sure you have the latest features and functionality. You can update your device quickly and easily when connected to the internet, alternatively, via a USB stick, let us talk you through each of these methods.

To check the Mainboard firmware version, open the Unified Menu and tap the Locker icon on the dock to display your apps.

Tap the Update app.

The Mainboard firmware version is displayed in this window.

If your ActivPanel has an Internet connection

1. In the Update app, tap ‘Check for Updates’. The ActivPanel will connect to the ‘Over-the-air’ update server, and the latest Mainboard firmware version will be located for your ActivPanel.
2. Tap ‘Update’ and follow the instructions on screen to proceed.
3. Once updated, your ActivPanel will restart. Do not interact with the ActivPanel until it has fully restarted.

If your ActivPanel does not have an Internet connection

Please follow the instructions carefully in order to avoid causing damage to your ActivPanel.

1. Connect a blank USB 2.0 drive to your computer.
2. Download the update by visiting and following the instructions on the ActivPanel Elements Series page.
3. The process involves downloading the software and saving it to your USB stick.
4. To install the update on the ActivPanel, connect the USB stick to a USB port, there is one directly on the front of the panel itself.
5. In the Update app, tap Local Update.
6. The ActivPanel will search the USB drive and your will be prompted to follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Your ActivPanel is now up to date.