What is an ActivConnect OPS-G and where can it be found?

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As part of the ActivPanel, a powerful Android computing module is secured on the rear of your display. When used, this transforms your ActivPanel 6 into a large tablet enabling you to easily access teaching and learning apps to complement your interactive lessons.

The Android™ powered processor gives your panel tablet-like capabilities. 

This means that you can:

  • download and use your favourite apps from popular App Stores
  • wirelessly mirror lesson content
  • launch the Instant Whiteboard to write and capture digital notes

The ActivConnect OPS-G is included with the ActIvPanel. No extra cables or external power source is needed for it to run. It can be removed if required and is upgradable, enabling you to keep pace with changing computing technology.

It is mounted on the back, side of your panel in the OPS slot. The OPS-G clicks into place on the back of the ActivPanel and when it’s installed, the screws are tightened at the top and bottom will fasten the device securely.


Your ActivConnect OPS-G is in sync with your ActivPanel, this means that powering on your ActivPanel will also start up your device.