What will you find in the Unified Menu?

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The back button makes navigating apps and websites easy, use the back button form the unified menu to return to a previous page of a folder or webpage.


The Locker has been conveniently designed to house all of you ActivPanel Apps. We’ll go into more detail on this in the next lesson but just so you know, you can access your locker to open new apps, manage existing apps and access settings to customise the experience on your ActivPanel.


When you finish teaching a lesson, or want to move your students attention away from the ActivPanel, simply press the Home button to return you to this view.


Designed specifically for education, the Whiteboard App also includes convenient teaching tools that enhance productivity and collaboration opportunities. You can easily illustrate an idea with pre-made templates, such as charts, tables, mind maps, and fractions. The Whiteboard App also offers multiple colors and lined background options to aid with writing, and ruler and protractor tools to allow you to instantly draw perfect lines and angles. When a lesson or activity calls for multiple students to work on the display together, the Whiteboard App can be easily divided into separate workspaces.

The Promethean Whiteboard App can enable you to:

  • Attendance
  • Activities
  • Incorporating math tools
  • Built-in concept maps and graphic organizers
  • Collaboration (Multi-User Mode)


The Promethean Capture App can enable you to:

  • Adding annotations to screenshots
  • Cropping images to create lessons and activities
  • Incorporating math tools
  • Saving and exporting content
  • Sharing content with students
  • Enabling collaboration when used in tandem with Multi-User Mode


The Promethean Annotate App can enable you to:

  • Add notes and diagrams over any content displaying on your screen
  • Annotate over content from mirrored student devices


ActivPanel Elements Series comes with a host of preinstalled apps, but this doesn’t mean you can’t connect other devices such as a laptop/pc or OPS to your ActivPanel. What it does mean is that via the Unified Menu, you can make us make use of these apps over the top of your desired source. The Source button creates a seamless way to switch to a connected device and continue teaching without interruption.


The Promethean Activcast App can support you with:

  • Mobility within your classroom
  • Capitalizing on student-led learning
  • Collaboration

Recent Apps

The last button in the Unified Menu makes it even more simple to access any apps you have recently used, or to close them down once you’re finished using them.